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Welcome to My Beard!

How good that you have finally decided that you want to get the best out of your beard and thus have decided to finally become a real guy! If you have a long beard, a short beard or you want to start growing your beard, you have come to the right place when it comes to beard products. Well, feel free to call this place a beard brother Valhalla, because there is actually no better place to make your bearded heart beat faster. My Beard is here for your beard!

Beard Care vs. Beard Styling

When you are growing your beard you want it to look its best. With the right beard care we are happy to help you with this noble goal. It just depends on which beard style you want to submit to. A fierce Viking beard? A slick gangster beard? A business or almost chic beard? Beard care is the key and we have the right beard care products for all these beard styles to let you be the man.

Beard Grooming

Use for example a beard oil or beard balm. These products suit every style and are both intended to care for your beard, nourish your beard and provide your beard with a beautiful healthy shine. And you want that shine. Beard hairs dry out faster than scalp hair. Exactly for this reason we also added beard soap and beard shampoo to our range. Wonderfully mild and very suitable for washing the remains of beard oil, beard balm and even beard wax from your beard.
An additional advantage of taking care of your beard with the right products, such as a serum, is that the hair follicles are stimulated and therefore you contribute to healthy, full beard growth.
In addition, our beard care products also smell amazingly good, which is a nice bonus, since that mighty beard of yours hangs directly under your nose.

Here you can see our Top 10 Beard Oils!

Styling Your Beard

Depending on your beard growth and your preference for beard styles, you probably already have in mind how you want to appear in the wild with those majestic beard hairs of yours. Just like with a haircut, the shape of your beard can make or break the whole look. Therefore it is important to trim both a long beard and a beginning beard to intercept sprawl before it can cause image damage. With the right styling products, we can at least reveal that it will be alright.
Beard oil and beard balm, for example, work very well when it comes to beard care and to give the short beard a bit of style. For beard styling with a mission and for the long beard you probably need a stronger product. With beard wax you get a nourishing product at home, which is also strong enough to tame your beard. Stubborn mustaches can also be saved from destruction with the help of our mustache wax.


Any man with a beard can at least agree on one thing: The Essential Necessities. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned Beard brother, the beard brush and beard comb should not be missing in your personal collection. In addition, beard scissors are very useful for occasionally cutting your beard in a responsible manner.


Are you ready to give other beard gentlemen the same pleasure? Then give a beard care set as a gift instead of a beer or whiskey package! Wildly attractive strolling through the streets has never been so easy and on the terraces you know right away: this beard brother has it all. Our gifts for men go further than just birthdays. They are also very suitable to give on any other festive day or on any Wednesday. Just because you care about someone ('s beard).

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We can also be a safe home for the brothers who prefer smooth cheeks. We have put together this magnificent shaving collection especially for you and you will also find fun, fun and especially handy shaving accessories, such as the Beard Bib.

Razor Blades

Different types of razor blades have already found their way to our beard shop, and for good reason, because as experts in the field of beards, we know better than anyone else what is involved if you don't want to have a beard for a while (or for a very long time). In addition to an amazing collection of double edge razors with accompanying or special separate razor blades, we also have shaving brushes and the shavettes to be used with them.
Of course we also have shaving sets to get your shaving adventure off to a complete start.

Shaving Soap

When shaving, remember to use a good shaving soap, shaving cream, or shaving oil. A comfortable and richly caring shaving product will give you an unforgettable shaving experience. Use an aftershave after the shave to soothe and condition the skin and to prevent further skin irritation. No more itching after shaving and a wonderfully soft, smooth skin. What more could a Bearded Man want ?!

Face & Body

For the wearer of a fierce beard it cannot be otherwise than that a divine body belongs to it and we know exactly what is involved. Although a gruesome styled beard has actually already done all the work for you, you'll find yourself wanting more.
Take, for example, our products for skin and facial care for men, which can be found under "face & body". Tough jars with terrifyingly good care products. Nothing brings out a wildly attractive beard more than a healthy skin, so take care of it. And while we're at it, let a body wash help you restore the moisture in your skin and then use a nourishing body soap to top it off. Another pinch of cologne (or solid cologne) and you're all set to hit the trails and the avenues to receive all those compliments. And my dear beard brother... you deserve it!


In addition to taking care of all that divinity, don't forget to shape your hairstyle, because just like beard care, beard styling goes much further than the beard itself. Over the years, the pomade has evolved into a very strong styling product. For example, the classic pomade is ideal for a clearly styled haircut with medium to strong hold and medium to strong shine. The extremely popular clay/matte pomade, on the other hand, gives hold, but no shine.
In any case, even after a wild trip through fierce weather, people will not notice anything about you, because any hair that has blown out of shape can be restyled with pomade.

For the Real Finishing Touches

Whatever beard style you were born for: long, unkempt nails, chapped lips and unpleasant body odor are a thing of the past when you convert to Beard kingdom. So give those nails a mighty manicure, let your beard be accompanied by a pair of soft lips and rub some deodorant under the armpits. Only then you are really ready for a new day. If you still feel a bit insecure about some gray (beard) hair, or if you just want to give your own hair color that little bit of extra power, take a look at our hair coloring range. We also have a range for special care, such as tattoo care. Not quite sure yet? Take a look at our complete sets for the male body, which are also very handy to take with you on the go!


You name it, we got it! Proraso, Mad Viking, Dutchbeards, Mr Bear, Damn Good Soap and so on... We have carefully tested the finest brands for your beard and added them to our range. For your convenience, we have listed them under "Brands", but from experience we can already tell you that Layrite, Suavecito, Uppercut Deluxe and the Dutch Reuzel are among the Top 4 best-selling pomade brands!
Do you miss one and think, "How could they not sell this amazing product?!". Let us know for sure, because we are always looking for products to make our wonderful beard world even better.

Cheers to beards,

Team my-beard.com