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Mach 3 Finest Hand Crafted Safety Razor - Captain Fawcett
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Bluebeards Scimitar
38.95 EUR

About Mach3 - 4 pieces - Gillette

Gillette® MACH3+® Refill Blades

Gillette® MACH3+® Refill Blades

Gillette® MACH3+® refill blades feature blades stronger than steel that stay sharper longer. With these sharper blades, it can deliver up to 15 comfortable shaves. These Gillette shaving systems have a protective strip to shield the skin from irritation, and a Skin Guard with microfins that stretch the skin, preparing the hair for a smooth shave.

Mach3+ refill blades fit all Mach3 manual shaving systems for men.

Quantity: 4 refill blades

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