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About Shaving Brush Set - Monte

Introducing the All Black Monte Shaving Brush Set

Here is the introduction of an all-black Monte Shaving Brush set designed for the modern grooming enthusiast.

The set features a vegan brush with extremely soft and durable nylon bristles and a sturdy black aluminum handle, ensuring both resilience and style. Accompanying this is a matching black stainless steel bowl, perfect for creating a rich and creamy lather during your shaving routine. Completing the set is a sleek black stainless steel stand, allowing you to dry your shaving brush worry-free.

This all-black trio not only enhances your shaving experience with its premium materials but also serves as a testament to refined aesthetics in every detail.


Cleanse your skin and moisten it with warm water. Wet the shaving brush in warm water and use a shaving soap or cream to whip up a dense lather by making circular motions in the bowl. Apply this lather evenly over the area to be shaved. Shave and then rinse the skin thoroughly with warm water. Clean the shaving brush with fresh water and let it air dry on the stand.

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