Vintage Shaving Set Gino - Proraso

Beautiful shaving set in vintage packaging and a classic scent with notes of menthol and eucalyptus.


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About Vintage Shaving Set Gino - Proraso

This beautiful Vintage Proraso shaving set contains wonderful shaving products that you need during your shave. Supplied in a fantastic vintage box. Perfect to give as a gift or to treat yourself. With a nod to their 50s marketing, Proraso created shaving tins to bring these lines to your home.

This Proraso Shaving Set contains:
- Proraso Tube Shaving Cream 150ml
- Proraso Pre Shave Cream 100 ml
- Proraso After Shave Balm 100 ml

Shaving Cream:
Made with a "hot soap process", it's left to mature for 3 days. This produces an extremely fine, thick and creamy soap that, with the aid of a brush, produces a soft and rich lather.
Formula: Combining the properties of Eucalyptus Oil and Menthol, the formula is designed to unite excellent smoothness with toning and a pleasant cooling effect.

Pre Shave Cream:
The perfect way to prepare the skin for a close shave, it softens the beard and protects the skin. It's enriched with natural raw ingredients for a concentrated, rich and non-greasy product.
Formula: Its formula contains Eucalyptus Oil and Menthol, combining a cleansing and toning action with a refreshing and revitalising effect.

Aftershave Balm:
Providing immediate relief without alcohol, this balm completes the shaving ritual. It combines the benefits of a balm, which refreshes and revitalises the skin, with that of a soothing cream.
Formula: Its formula contains no alcohol and is enriched with Eucalyptus Oil and Menthol to improve skin hydration, cleansing and toning with a refreshing and revitalising effect.

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