After Shave Positano 100ml - Extro Cosmesi

A nice warm, intoxicating scent including notes of fig, jasmine, amber and musk.

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About After Shave Positano 100ml - Extro Cosmesi

Created by Donato Ciniello of Extro Cosmesi in Settimo, Italy, this aftershave is the best possible way to finish your daily shave.

Extro Cosmesi Positano Eau de Toilette Aftershave has a fragrance full of memories of the warm Amalfi Coast. Notes of fig, jasmine, cyclamen, pink orchid are combined with amber, wood and musk.

Due to the natural ingredients used in this aftershave it is a cloudy translucent color, you have to shake the bottle well before use.

You can use this as an aftershave or as an eau de toilette, it is suitable for during the day and in the evening.

You can use the aftershave together with the Extro Cosmesi Positano Shaving Cream

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