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A Damn Good complete beard set with the amazing The Woods scent!


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About Damn Good Set The Woods - Damn Good Soap

Damn Good Set The Woods is the complete and perfect beard set from Damn Good Soap. Perfect for everyone! Whether you are just growing your beard, want to pamper yourself or perhaps want to give a beard friend a nice gift. You are always in the right place with this set.

Scent: The Woods has a great scent of wood and it is like massaging a forest into your beard.

Beard Oil The Woods 25 ml
Handmade and natural. Damn Good Soap Company's beard oil was already a great product, but sometimes you just want to have a choice. After long research and more testing, they have managed to develop an oil that is just as powerful as their original beard oil. But now with a great wood scent, it's like massaging a forest in your beard, it's that good.

Beard Balm The Woods 50 ml
With beard balm The Woods from Damn Good Soap you not only take care of your beard, you also bring it in great shape. And be honest, that is sometimes necessary, especially with some boisterous beard hair.

Beard Soap 135gr
Keep your beard soft, healthy and above all clean with this special beard soap from Damn Good Soap Company. The beard soap not only cleans, but takes care of your skin and (beard) hair and smells like soap for men should smell, just nice. The beard soap is therefore perfectly suitable for daily use.

Wooden Comb 11cm
Handmade from neem wood which is known for its good qualities for hair. Against dandruff, hair loss and premature graying, what more could you want. And not static, of course, like those plastic combs. With its 11 centimeters, it fits exactly in your pocket for a real On-The-Go experience.

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