Scented Candle Whiskey - Pappas

This delicious smelling scented candle is hand-produced and 100% plant-based, made from soybeans and botanical oils.


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About Scented Candle Whiskey - Pappas

This delicious smelling Pappa's scented candle is of course handmade and is 100% vegetable, made from soybeans and botanical oils. GMO free (contains no genetically manipulated material).

Whiskey Scent: Have you ever camped in the Scottish Highlands while enjoying a glass of delicious Scottish whisky by a campfire in the evening? I would definitely recommend this scent, a delightful warm fragrance. A floral musky scent, combined with a warm spicy fragrance of whisky matured in barrels. The dew scent in Scotland.

Burning time: 20-25 hours
Height: 62mm
Diameter: 59mm

What should you consider when having a candle?
-Ensure the candle always burns for at least 2 hours, preferably even between 3 and 4 hours for the most ideal fragrance and pool* effect.
-The wick needs regular trimming. Make sure the wick always extends 0.5 centimeter above the candle. This will result in a better effect.
-How to trim a wick? Wait until the candle has solidified and cut the wick with a pair of scissors to about 0.5 centimeters. Remove the leftovers.
-A candle can tunnel*, this only occurs if the candle has not burned long enough. If this occurs, you can easily solve it by burning the candle for at least 3 hours, this makes the candle pool and the problem is solved.
This can cause the wick to "submerge". Then take some kitchen or toilet paper and dip it in the liquid soy, this removes some soy wax from the candle and the wick appears again.
-Only put the lid back on the candle when it has completely cooled and solidified.
-If necessary, use the candle lid as a coaster to prevent the surface from getting too hot and damage.
*Pooling: When a candle is burned correctly, it will pool. The soy will become liquid up to the glass without a solid ring of soy against the edge.
*Tunneling: If the candle is not burned correctly, it will burn down in a tunnel. This is the opposite of pooling. Tunneling does leave a solid ring of soy sticking to the edge.

-The larger the pool can become, the more fragrance the candle emits.
-But beware: always ensure that the candle pools before you extinguish it, otherwise the candle will tunnel next time.

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