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Shipwreck Soap

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100 gramme Shipwreck Soap

For face and body. Also perfect as shampoo, shaving soap and deodorant.

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Shipwreck Soap

Mr Natty’s Shipwreck Soap is hand-made and traditionally cold-pressed. This means it is steeped for a month to get it just how we like it. We have it infused with vetiver (a classic men’s scent) patchouli and a smidgeon of cocoa. Should you find yourself far from your manor, this trusty bar won’t let you down. Pop it in your kit bag and remember: clean both your port and starboard and never neglect below the decks.

It’s called Shipwreck Soap for a reason: should you find yourself all washed up with just this bar in your possession (unlikely, but stay with us), it will double up nicely as a deodorant stick. This is because it is naturally glycerin based and will not act as an irritant to your, ahem, pits. It’s also handy as a shampoo and a shaving soap. Truly an ‘emergency’ soap (we trust you won’t need it to wash your mouth out).

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