Face Forest baardshampoo van Mr natty

Face Forest Beard Shampoo

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80 gramme Face Forest Beard Shampoo

Hard men need soft beards.
The soap of legend: FFS makes a champion of you and your fine face forest.

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Face Forest Beard Shampoo

Mr Natty gets asked a lot of questions. “Should I use soap or shampoo on my beard?” is a favourite. It’s a conundrum: there’s skin! There’s hair! Both together! The answer? Use our Face Forest Soap (FFS). No man needs confusion in his life - especially in the shower. FFS takes care of both the skin and the beard. First of all, the olive oil in our FFS is high in antioxidants. These love a good ol’ tear up against the ‘age accelerating free radicals’ in your skin. Olive oil is the winner, keeping your skin hydrated and smooth. Aiding and abetting this is a bit of shea butter. It’s perfect for soothing and protecting dry skin (a common downside to being hirsute). A dash of peppermint oil adds a little livener to the whole process making you feel raring to go.

FFS is gentle enough to use daily. Once you’ve towel dried your happy, hairy face don’t be shy; shower more Natty love upon it with some of our Famous Beard Elixir. It will merely underline the good work you’ve already done. Just don’t be too smug. It’s not becoming.

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